Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Warlord Games StuH 42

 This little gem is the StuG III - Sturmhaubitze 42 10.5cm SPG, or more commonly know as the StuH 42. I have had this model for a few years now just sitting around for my non-existent Bolt Action army.  I had originally chose this tank for BA because of the Medium Howitzer it counts as having.  Good against infantry.

I know this tank was not featured in the North African TOW. However the visual theme for my Germans will be DAK. The Deutschland Afrika Korps lead by Rommel himself.  While I love the armor from Warlord Games I am not too thrilled with their infantry models.  When the Perry Twins started to release their DAK range I knew it was a match made in heaven for me!

This tank has been somewhat of a soap opera for me.  I have stripped the paint from it 3 times now.  Having problems with colors or paint texture.  I usually dilute my acrylics with regular old rubbing alcohol.  But the paint kept coming out "stringy".  Prior to trying to mix my own color. I tried the AK Interactive DAK Airbrush Paints.  I found these to be extremely translucent and I was not happy with the extremely bright sand color. I do have the filters and washed to bring that back down but I wanted to get this guy done quickly.

So here is where it sits after a painting session tonight. I still have all of the wheels and tracks to paint and a few other details. Then on to the weathering and pigments!

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