Sunday, January 3, 2010

Imperial Fist Painting Guide

Here is a basic guide to painting Imperial Fists the way I used to. If you don't have brown ink you could use Devlan Mud. As a fun little side fact. If you notice this marines hair, I gave him a little streak in it as when I saw the haircut I immediately thought of Vanilla Ice. HA! Nobody got that though... Soo sad. This was painted and written up as a how to paint devastators article.

After undercoating the model with Skull White, I basecoated the armor with thinned-down Golden Yellow. Then, I applied a 1:2 wash of Brown Ink to water (along with a drop of Gloss Varnish) over the yellow areas. Once that dried, I went back and recoated the bulk of the yellow plates with straight Golden Yellow. For a highlight, I mixed a small amount of Skull White with Golden Yellow. I painted the red areas with Red Gore, and Chaos Black for accents and lettering. For the skin, I basecoated with Tanned Flesh, highlighted with Dwarf Flesh followed by a final highlight of Dwarf Flesh mixed with Elf Flesh. I basecoated the purity seal with Snakebite Leather and then built up a highlight with Bleached Bone. Finally, I basecoated the metal areas with Boltgun Metal and then hit it with a Black Ink wash. Then, I used Boltgun Metal and Chainmail to highlight. For the scorched marks, I painted them with Scorched Brown and kept adding in Chaos Black as I got closer to the muzzle.

The markings I did more as litanies than anything. They could be documentation of the things he has seen on certain worlds or prayers to the Emperor or Rogal Dorn for guiding his hand to swiftly dispatch the enemy and protect his battle brothers. I used Skull White over the black surfaces, and Chaos Black over the yellow ones.

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