Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Next up! Cacadores!

So here is my most recent update. First off we have half of the 1st Cacadores almost fully completed as you can see above. And second we have my 3 artillery pieces minus their crew. I will have the 2nd half of the Cacadores done within a week. I also have managed to full assemble the 43rd and base their red and prepare the next base and put some colors on the Scotch. And I also started to do some cleaning on a top secret regiment... MUHAHAHA

Friday, January 8, 2010

Huzzah for HQ Pictures!

I have to thank Mr Dave Taylor for this one. Well these photos. After a brief evening at his place where he hooked me up with the Silfor Grass, a missing model, magazine, and good times. He shot a few pics of my guys for me. VIOLA!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

The 1st Cacdore

Here is the 1st test model from my 1st Cazadore's Regiment. More info to follow shortly.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Imperial Fist Painting Guide

Here is a basic guide to painting Imperial Fists the way I used to. If you don't have brown ink you could use Devlan Mud. As a fun little side fact. If you notice this marines hair, I gave him a little streak in it as when I saw the haircut I immediately thought of Vanilla Ice. HA! Nobody got that though... Soo sad. This was painted and written up as a how to paint devastators article.

After undercoating the model with Skull White, I basecoated the armor with thinned-down Golden Yellow. Then, I applied a 1:2 wash of Brown Ink to water (along with a drop of Gloss Varnish) over the yellow areas. Once that dried, I went back and recoated the bulk of the yellow plates with straight Golden Yellow. For a highlight, I mixed a small amount of Skull White with Golden Yellow. I painted the red areas with Red Gore, and Chaos Black for accents and lettering. For the skin, I basecoated with Tanned Flesh, highlighted with Dwarf Flesh followed by a final highlight of Dwarf Flesh mixed with Elf Flesh. I basecoated the purity seal with Snakebite Leather and then built up a highlight with Bleached Bone. Finally, I basecoated the metal areas with Boltgun Metal and then hit it with a Black Ink wash. Then, I used Boltgun Metal and Chainmail to highlight. For the scorched marks, I painted them with Scorched Brown and kept adding in Chaos Black as I got closer to the muzzle.

The markings I did more as litanies than anything. They could be documentation of the things he has seen on certain worlds or prayers to the Emperor or Rogal Dorn for guiding his hand to swiftly dispatch the enemy and protect his battle brothers. I used Skull White over the black surfaces, and Chaos Black over the yellow ones.


Here is a small selection of models from my Orc and Goblin army. The Black Orc was part of a unit I painted for White Dwarf as a sneak peek at the new Black Orc Plastics. More fondly remembered as Da Orkridge Boyz...

Time to kill some Zombies..

When I ran the GW Annapolis store in 04-05 I created a Halloween event called Chopping Mall. This was around the time that Dawn of the Dead came out. And the game title is from some old 70's-80's B Movie Horror. I never saw that one, anyhow. I had myself and the staff all make models of ourselves, wrote up wargear lists. And made very loose rules utilizing 40k and LOTR. The end result is a zombie event that you can never win, you just see how long you can last. And anyone who has ever played it has loved it. In fact a few of the stores run it. The best was when I hastily constructed a mini mall for the Glen Burnie Battle Bunker. It was used to the point it was destroyed. But fun was had by all.
This was me from the Annapolis store, as the Black Shirt.

For the Emperor! Wait? Who?

So here is some of the various things laying around from my Empire Army. Some things are older like the Warriors of Ulric. If you have been around a while, they were part of an article I wrote for the GW Website and White Dwarf for the Army of Middenland/Cult of Ulric.
The new Empire General is the first model I had painted since I left GW in 07. It took 2 years before I would pick up a paint brush again. Now I am leaning more into Historicals...

WIP and Incompleted stuff

Here is a sample of some stuff lying around my figure cases in various stages of Chaos! Some are test paints such as the Soul Drinker Space Marines. You can see one had a lighting effect around his eye lense, another was a test at sculpting a shoulder pad, and one was a test of a blended highlight as opposed to the hard edge highlights everyone does on their marines. It was an attempt to frenchify my painting style some back in the day.

And some are just broken models. Such as my Blood Angel Chaplain... I think someone is trying to tell me not to paint Blood Angels! BAH! And some are one off tests to see if I wanted to commit to a whole army.

I almost forgot...

I did finish up the 95th to their minimum. I have yet to get any Silfor grass yet so the bases look a little bare. Their pants are a little dirty. Still no patches but meh. I can add those after I finish everyone else. Here is a bunch of close ups. They look better in person. My digital camera isn't as good as my previous Sony I had so I am still having issues getting everything in focus and lighting as well.

Currently I am working on my 2 units of Cazadors. Doing a lot of research on these guys has lead to some serious frustration with the models. And the lack of info you can find on them on the web. So when I start to post their pics, I will also post some of my research. Hopefully it will help other gamers out there looking to get spot on with the accuracy.