Thursday, December 13, 2012

Shhhh, I'm hiding!

Some Dust Allied WIP
 Be vewy vewy quiet!  Actually I have been in hobby limbo due to school. But now that my finals are over and classes have been passed. I can hop back on the hobby bandwagon!  Here are a few shots of items on my workbench right now.
Grenadier Command HQ from the new Open Fire Plastics WIP
 I have a small Allied Dust army and Khador Behemoth that are a commission I have been neglecting primarily due to school studies and my hands killing me from my Carpal Tunnel. Time has been limited and I have not been able to give them any attention in some time but here is a sneak peak!
Khador Behemoth WIP
 I have to get these guys cranked out and then I have some ACW Confederates to work on for The Guns of April project this year. I will not be able to attend Adepticon this year, and doubt I will be able to make it next year for that matter. But I have projects lined up for both that I will be sending mini's out for.
A close up of one of the Dust Allied WIP's
So my first post in months! I am going to try and make a solid effort to get back into the hobby swing of things!