Wednesday, December 16, 2009

On the Workbench

Grrr. Attempt number 2 at posting this. I don't want to retype everything. This is the 1st of my units for my British Napoleonic Army. This is the 95th Rifles. The are about 80% complete. I have to finish painting the bases up and do some fine details on the lads. I have to also finish the Captain and Musician which arent even mounted to the base yet. I hope to have the unit to 99% by this weekend. A little behind where I would like to be on my paint plan, but still on schedule over all.

Imperial Fists

Here is also all that remains of my Imperial Fists. I will post an article soon that tells you the basics on how I painted them. I did win a bronze Golden Demon in Baltimore 05 for the Lysander. Enjoy!

Drink deep in victory...

Some of my original Blood Angels 2nd Co. Sadly these are the only pictures and the army was stolen. Both my infantry to this army and a 2000 pt Ogre Kingdoms army were in the same case :( If you ever see these exact models let me know. I'd gladly pay for the information after I slap the hell out of someone and get them back. I have some hidden artists marks on them that nobody knows about.

Just a small selection

I recently posted a bunch of these on my facebook page and proceeded to get a lot of questions. So here is a small amount of my work. After which I will post one of my more commonly copied articles from the old Black Gobbo E-Zine which was how I painted my Imperial Fist Space Marines.


Yeah, I said it. Anyhow, welcome to my blog. I figured it's about time I put up a blog of my very own to call home. I have been painting mini's for over 20 years. Sadly I had no clue what I was doing for more than half of that. Dipping the brushes straight into the paint pot, putting the paint on the model without a primer coat. No shading or highlighting. Yeah. That's the way most of us start. But after all of this time, here I am!

So I have had many emails over time asking how I painted this and how I painted that. Now I am in no means one of the best out there. And everyone it more than happy to share how they got that color that way on their models and what not. So here is my little slice. Let me know what you think! Please! Anything constructive is always welcome. I am already a slow painted still so it is always a major celebrations to complete more than a single model. If I get a unit done, it's cause for a party. An Army? We are talking a small miracle of god. Like the creation of life. It's true. Just ask my friends...