Monday, June 28, 2010

Librarian Complete...

Ha! Well he is 99% complete. I just have to let the greenstuff under his foot dry so I can paint that up and then seal him with dullcote. I am happy with the way he turned out overall. Sadly my photo setup isn't the best so small details don't show as well like the sword which I tried something different on and it doesn't show up on camera. Oh well. Either way I am sure he will make his new owner very happy. I will take a night off to paint something different and then I will try to finish up the chaplain which isn't too hard. My goal is to have him complete by Thursday at the latest. I hope you guys like him!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Almost there...

Just like the title says. This guy is almost done. Basecoats are down, shading is done on most of him. Now on too the highlighting and details. I figured I would show everyone where he is, since I haven't posted an update in the past few days. Work and being sick have limited my time. My personal goal is to have him done by Monday night at the latest...

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Painting the face

So today I had to run errands and prime a bunch of models to work on for various projects. I got to prime the Storm Warden Librarian today and put a little bit of paint on him late this evening. I figured I would do a little step by step on how I painted his face. So here goes...

I first thin down Vallejo Game Color Tan (GW Tanned Flesh) 2 parts paint, 1 part water, 1 part flow improver. I then paint this on the model anywhere the skin will be, it can be messy, but should probably take you about 2 coats to cover it.

Next I take Vallejo's Dwarf Skin (GW Dwarf Flesh) and do the same mixture. At this point I paint it on all areas except the deepest recesses of the face. I also paint the eyes black at this stage.

Finally I do a mix of Dwarf Skin and Elf Skintone 50/50 but thin this with additional part of water. Trying to be careful to paint on the raised edges of the dwarf skin areas. And I try to get in the eyes with the white. Pretty simple recipe, and a lot of painters use it. Maybe it's just me but I feel like the GW colors blend a bit better, for some reason the Vallejo Game Color paints don't like to mix it seems. Oh well, progress is progress. I just have to decide if I want to leave his eyes white (which I like doing on Librarians) or finish them off...

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Librarian Update...

So my allotted time for working on the conversion part of the Librarian has come to an end. Sadly I can only really spend the rest of this week working on painting this guy and finishing up the Chaplain. I couldn't find my heat gun (I recently moved) and thus I was unable to make a proper loin cloth for him. However I have to admit I am happy with the end result and a new one of a king Librarian for the Storm Warden army. Here he is prior to priming. I will be sure to have plenty of WIP shots of how I paint him. Now I have to decide (time plays a factor), do I want to paint lighting effects on him? ie Glowing eyes that brighten the area around them. Maybe his left hand? We will have to see as I jump in to painting tomorrow. I hope you guys like him, I know I would like to keep him ;) Oh and I may still switch out his left shoulder pad. I have tonight to think on it before I prime him in the morning. Maybe I will try and sculpt one overnight.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Librarian... WIP

So here he is in his current concept phase. Parts are still removable. I have some iconography to complete to put on various things like the cross guard on his nemesis force weapon, hoses, coils, things like that. The main 2 things I am contemplating on doing to the model is to make him more upright (he seems like he is leaning too far forward), and the other is to possibly do a green stuff tabard or robe. Like I said before, I may be making this way too complex and may dial it back more. We'll see, nut at least he will make a nice centerpiece for the army... any suggestions are always welcome!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tonights Stormwarden Progress...

So tonight I haven't achieved a whole lot. Well visually anyhow. I did manage to get both bases painted (I must say they are beautiful bases that were donated by Secret Weapon Miniatures) and some green stuff/conversion work on the 2nd model I am working on. I have a grand vision for this guy, but since time is an issue... I may have to drop it down a level or two in design. So some pictures are better than no pictures at all, and progress is after all progress! Please donate to this worthy cause everyone. We are putting a lot of time and effort in to this project. And there is a ton of awesome prize support being given out! And who knows, you could win this super sexy army that will be 1 of a kind!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Storm Warden Chaplain WIP

So here is a quick little update to let you all know where I am on my half of the project.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

What have I gotten myself in to?

Oh I know, a good cause! I saw on my friend Dave Taylor's blog page that he was taking part in a huge project for Dr's Without Borders and working on an army to raffle off. I dropped him a line on his blog asking if he needed any help. And so here I am working on both a Chaplain and Librarian for the project. Pretty cool. That's my first priority project now that I have failed to qualify for the US Nationals for Flames of War... by about 3 or 4 points. BAH! As my friend Ron put it, I now have over 380 days to prepare for next year... yeah that is encouraging!

As far as other projects, an old friend (Brad Morin) that is on the other side of the world asked if I would be interested in painting a marine for another project where everyone submit's one marine from various chapters. I drew the Silver Skulls so keep a look out for that one as well. As I will not be doing the standard shiny pretty metal scheme they are in the books.

And today I started working on some Hordes stuff for a good friend. So those will be WIP as well. So stay tuned... all 2 of you who read this. Who knows, maybe I will start getting a few more after the Stormwarden's project...