Friday, December 31, 2010

A new year approaches...

So I have had very few posts on my blog. Something I plan to address and fix this next year. So with the new year coming in a few hours I figured I would write down some of my goals for this next year and actually keep track of them here on the blog since they are all Miniature Wargaming related...

In no particular order, I give you... THE LIST!

Fully paint 2000 points of the First Special Service Force for Flames of War.
Fully paint 2000 points of Fallschirmjager for Flames of War.
Qualify for, and attend a National Tournament for Flames of War.
Paint a small Circle of Oboros force for Hordes.
Paint and complete a Napoleonic army in 28mm for LaSalle (It should be my Peninsular British but may end up being my French)
And finally post at least one update a week in 2011.

Honestly will I complete all of these? Well I damn sure am going to try!

Happy New Year!