Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The beginnings of my Leichte Panzerkompanie...

Well this is actually the test paint WIP shot. Right now just the grey is finished on this bad boy. I have a base color on the treads, need to finish them up. Finish the wheels, and the tools and small details on the tank. And then comes the hard decision... Do I roll with the grey/brown camo used mainly from 39-40? Or roll with the solid grey used from 41+? Going with the later has it's advantages as far as gaming purposes. I want to hurry up and decided so I can start laying down pigments and some more weathering and tank markings.

As far as how I painted it thus far? I used the FoW German Grey Spray Primer, a wash of Badab Black over the whole model. Then I went back and block painted in German Grey. And finally a light drybrush of Adeptus Battlegrey. Finally for the primer the Germans used on their tanks I used the sponge method and put on some Burnt Sienna (which is also the tread color). It's pretty simple so far and has a nice result.

I guess my situation doesn't help that I should be getting a shipments of Warlord Games models soon and a bunch of Perry Bro's French Napoleonic's? Man I need to focus on something! And probably not these guys!