Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Soo close! Damn your eyes!

So here they are. Soo very close to being ready for basing. I just have to paint their water bottles up. Maybe touch up the colors on the pom-poms. And a slight touch up on their cuffs and they are good to go. From there I will proceed to finish out the unit for LaSalle.  I have a few others in great coats I have been putting some base layers on as I go.

I don't have much more to collect for the army.  They are part of a Peninsular French force from LaSalle, based on 50mm bases.  From there I have also begun to add an Organic Brigade of Light Horse as well.  After all, what are the French without more Cavalry and Artillery?

On a side note, my copy of Warhammer Historicals: Waterloo arrived today in the post.  Upon handling this heavy tome of hobby goodness... I was in awe.  Honestly I haven't read any yet.  But I have slowly devoured every photo of incredible miniatures in this book.  And managed to browse the hobby section on painting your troops.  All good stuff so far!