Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Soo close! Damn your eyes!

So here they are. Soo very close to being ready for basing. I just have to paint their water bottles up. Maybe touch up the colors on the pom-poms. And a slight touch up on their cuffs and they are good to go. From there I will proceed to finish out the unit for LaSalle.  I have a few others in great coats I have been putting some base layers on as I go.

I don't have much more to collect for the army.  They are part of a Peninsular French force from LaSalle, based on 50mm bases.  From there I have also begun to add an Organic Brigade of Light Horse as well.  After all, what are the French without more Cavalry and Artillery?

On a side note, my copy of Warhammer Historicals: Waterloo arrived today in the post.  Upon handling this heavy tome of hobby goodness... I was in awe.  Honestly I haven't read any yet.  But I have slowly devoured every photo of incredible miniatures in this book.  And managed to browse the hobby section on painting your troops.  All good stuff so far!


  1. Well they look very nice indeed! Super weathering on the trousers!


  2. They look awesome dude- love the dirt!

  3. Really well done. This is going to be a fantastic looking unit.


  4. I really like what you've done with the dirty/muddy pants. Very smooth and realistic.

  5. Thanks guys. I was a little nervous about the weathering on the pants but it seemed logical from all I have seen and read about the period and men in the field. I am going for a battleworn look anyhow for these guys as they will be a veteran unit.

  6. What they said! The muddy pants look great; they've seen some hard marching.