Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Warmachine Project WIP

So I have a few obligations, one of which is this Warmachine Khador Project. I was tasked to paint up the starter Khador box and try to make them somewhat Space Wolf looking... Well you all have seen the Warcaster Sorcha for the most part. She is finished aside from her basing. Now these two bad boys are posing more of a challenge. Again I made my attempt at MNMM. Well its a poor attempt because I am not messing with light directions and horizons and all that crap. Its severely weathers old metal at this point. That process is finished except I may put more of a patina on them later. The last two nights I have spent what little time I could on their shoulders. Sadly on the one that is still black I am at a stalemate until I can get my hands on some transfers. Hopefully soon I will have some and can finish his shoulder up. So here is where we stand. Sorry the one pic is out of focus. I am tired and have to get ready for bed and dont want to fire everything back up. Aside from these I am also working on my 3. Fallschirmjager for Flames of War late war period from Hell's Highway.

Friday, April 2, 2010

This evening updates...

Jumping back and forth between the Khador Warcaster and a test Blood Angel. Here is what we got...

Ahh the life of a minature painter...

The one constant thing is, you suffer from what we call "Bright shiney object syndrome". Meaning anything new is hard to resist! So needless to say my workbench is cluttered with projects to work on, and the last thing I need is one more. I have my German Fallschirmjager, German SS Gerpanzerte Panzergrenadiers, some Warmachine Khador that I am painting for a friend (the most recent pics you have seen on here), Hordes Circle of Obersomethinglikethat for the same friend, and my Napoleonics... so the last thing I need to think of is these guys. But I have a very old devotion to the boys in red. A fanatical one you could say. And let me explain this.

You see when I was a Black Shirt (Manager) for Games Workshop, my first shop was their HQ, the Glen Burnie Battle Bunker. This was around 03/04. At the time the US Business was regionalized. Our region was the North East, and we were known as the Blood Angels. Being the manager of the flagship store I felt I needed to represent that army and have one for myself. I began working on them slowly here and there. A project came up for Games Day in which a group of managers and cell managers all got together and said we would paint the entire chapter (1000 Marines). I initially said I would pitch in and help my cell manager work on the 1st Co. 50 Terminators and 50 Veteran Assault Marines. Somehow the majority of it fell in my lap. And I in turn recruited my staff at the time to kick in. We got them done in time and after that I continued to work on my 2nd Co when I went on to run the Annapolis store. I was proud of my boys and had a decent track record with them. I grabbed everything I could find that was BA related. The sad short ending to the story is the army was stolen from me. I had just heavily converted my honor guard, and was a good way into having painted all 100 marines from the Company.

And here we go again, with a quick test. Sprayed Army Painter Red, and washed with Devlan Mud. I will post a step by step later on when I paint one from start to finish. But I wanted to see how the red is... and me likey!