Monday, January 31, 2011

A little test paint...

So tonight I decided to throw a little paint on one of my Plastic Perry Miniatures French. I have been doing nothing but working on flames of war for some time and I let my Napoleonics suffer. After seeing my friend Dave Taylor actually put up a post on his blog of the progress he has made on his Napoleonic British (see it here), I decided to test out a basic job on one of my French. I originally had started on a British Army, but the more I look around, everyone local in my state has started (or plan to start) a British Army for LaSalle. Being the lunatic that I am, I have slowly been building up the French. So now I have 2x 28mm Napoleonic Armies in the making... And I realize that is well over 500 models to paint. Dear god what have I done?!

As you can see Dave has done some wonderful conversion work on his army and it has inspired me. I am anxiously waiting for my first box of the Victrix French to begin chopping up and converting. I have done it with various other plastic kits in the past like my Stormwarden Librarian.

Anyhow below is the basic outline for the French. I may roll with Foy's 1st Division at Salamanca. I need to do a little more research. But you get the idea...

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