Thursday, February 3, 2011

Grenadiers are almost done...

Here is a shot of some of this week's progress on my painting table. I should have the whole platoon finished by Saturday. I need to finish up the weapons and do a wash over them and the pouches. And finally their helmets. And of course basing!

And yes I know they are out of focus in the front and back. I am still playing with my new camera that I got and it's settings :)


  1. Looking good Brien!

    As for the settings, you need the dial turned to the A (for Aperture) setting, and set your aperture to around f20-f25, that'll give you all the depth you need for a shot like this. Of course, you'll need to have the camera on a tripod too ; )


  2. Thanks Chris, and thanks for the tip Dave. I have a tiny tripod but I have a full size one on the "future purchases" list. ;)