Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Now to finish basing

I am in the home stretch on the grenadiers. They are all painted up and just need some basing. I started to use my Vallejo basing pumice but after a mishap when I dropped the entire command base in I decided I needed to roll with regular fine sand. :( Luckily I ran to the bathroom in a mad dash to wash them off. And I believe I scared the hell out of my wife when I screamed too.

I will put up a pic when they are all finished up and get some nice close ups for you all.

Meanwhile this Saturday is another FoW Tournament that I will be playing in with my Fallschirmjager for Late War. Except I am trying something new and bringing emplacements and defensive structures. I will be sure to post some results up here and try to get some pics. I am really stoked about this list so good luck to me!

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