Wednesday, January 5, 2011

17 Days, 1500 Points, 1 Tournament...

And nothing is painted! HA! My kind of challenge! Usually if I push my self with these last minute projects, this is where my hobby magic mojo kicks in, and I finally get things done!

There is a 1500 pt Flames of War - Early War Qualifier Tournament being held at Games & Stuff in Glen Burnie on Saturday the 22nd and I will be in attendance with my good friend Rob. I have yet to play a single game of Early War. In fact I will soon be approaching my 1 year anniversary of playing Flames of War. So I am still relatively new. But I have played enough games this year to know what I like and have a much better grasp on my play style.

So what list will I be fielding? I know I will have my Stuka's, PzIIIe's, PzII's, and at least 1 Leichte Pionier Platoon. Possibly supported by a Kradschutezen Platoon, Heavy Panzerspah Patrol, or even a Schutzen Platoon. Now if you haven't seen Blitzkrieg this is all probably Greek to you. But I will start posting updates on my assembly and painting process tomorrow. My thoughts are you will see one extreme or the other as far as army composition. Either primarily armor based, or the opposite with giant hordes of infantry. I typically prefer a mix of everything.

Currently I am awaiting some replacement bits for my Panzers for Early War. Along with an order of all the motorcycles and troop transports I will need which will be here Friday. Otherwise the bulk of my armor is assembled and ready to be primed and painted. The kicker is the infantry. I have been cleaning and preparing some "Pioniers" for early war.

Tonight's goal - Finalize the army list. And if I have all the models built in time, maybe play a test game with them this Sunday!

Wünscht mir Glück!

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