Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Librarian... WIP

So here he is in his current concept phase. Parts are still removable. I have some iconography to complete to put on various things like the cross guard on his nemesis force weapon, hoses, coils, things like that. The main 2 things I am contemplating on doing to the model is to make him more upright (he seems like he is leaning too far forward), and the other is to possibly do a green stuff tabard or robe. Like I said before, I may be making this way too complex and may dial it back more. We'll see, nut at least he will make a nice centerpiece for the army... any suggestions are always welcome!


  1. I agree with standing him up a bit more, angle looks like hed trip on his next step as is

  2. That psychic hood made from a shaded back shoulder pad is probably the neatest trick I have seen in a long time!
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    I do agree with your other thought though, the stance makes him look like he is falling rather than leaping. Which leads to your last thought. You could use the tabard to give him the look of momentum and energy I think you are striving for.

    The only problem I have with this is that the parchment on his left shoulder doesn't really flow very much. You could try warming it up and tweaking it is up and outwards maybe.

    I think I can see where you are going with this though. It will look really sweet when you are done.

  3. The angle of the sword is throwing the whole pose off. The hilt should point straight out, in the same direction as his left knee, with the blade trailing straight behind him.

    That said, AWESOME conversion, very dynamic.

  4. Thanks guys, thankfully I can still move everything around and will do some more work on him later this evening.