Saturday, June 19, 2010

Librarian Update...

So my allotted time for working on the conversion part of the Librarian has come to an end. Sadly I can only really spend the rest of this week working on painting this guy and finishing up the Chaplain. I couldn't find my heat gun (I recently moved) and thus I was unable to make a proper loin cloth for him. However I have to admit I am happy with the end result and a new one of a king Librarian for the Storm Warden army. Here he is prior to priming. I will be sure to have plenty of WIP shots of how I paint him. Now I have to decide (time plays a factor), do I want to paint lighting effects on him? ie Glowing eyes that brighten the area around them. Maybe his left hand? We will have to see as I jump in to painting tomorrow. I hope you guys like him, I know I would like to keep him ;) Oh and I may still switch out his left shoulder pad. I have tonight to think on it before I prime him in the morning. Maybe I will try and sculpt one overnight.


  1. Mate he looks fantastic, I would love to see how you made the psychic hood.

  2. I will make another hood up and post a step by step for you soon.

  3. I am also really interested to see how the hood was done. Out of all the librarian conversions I have seen, this one is by far my favorite.