Monday, July 18, 2011

Currently on the workbench...

As the Heroes of Armageddon winds down to it's last few days I have taken back up the brushes to work on my Napoleonics. My true passion in miniature painting at this time. Here are some French Fusiliers I am playing with.  All but 2 are dipped for their base coats. I've had a hard time finding my groove on these guys. For some reason the British were easier.  I guess white is just an intimidating color for me to paint as I never feel I get it right. More to come.  I will put up some pics of my Flames of War Polish from Nationals soon as well.


  1. These guys are looking great. The white really does look good.


  2. Thanks Scott. Much appreciated. I will eventually go back and use some pigments on them to dirty them up.