Tuesday, July 26, 2011

3rd Armored Division perhaps?

I am currently playing around with quickly(HA) painting up a US Armored Company for Flames of War.  I still have yet to fully finish painting an army of mine over 1000 points.  This is just a little test work in progress on one of my Stuarts from the list I came up with.  I have taken more of a sharper highlight approach which I don't normally do on 15mm.  And then tried to dirty the tanks up a bit.  I dunno, just pristine armor doesn't do it for me.  I like the look of some mileage on the boys.

Now if only I could find a 15mm Telly Savalas chewing on a stogie... I would be a happy man!


  1. That tank looks NICE dude! What did you use for the road dust? Also, I dig the rain streaks. Very cool

  2. Very cool, dust effect is excellent.


  3. B-ri - is that the U.S. Armor Spray, with the brown violet highlights? I need to get to work on my Stuarts, but I'm torn between dipping or just washing, then block painting/highlighting.

  4. Thanks guys!
    Jeff - The color is Dark Earth from Secret Weapon Miniatures.
    Chevalier - Your own US Armor is the inspiration to brightening up some of my painting on my FoW.
    Joe - Yes, the base is US Armor Spray. Then a black wash, block paint 50/50 USA Olive Drab and Brown Violet. 1st Highlight of Brown Violet. 2nd Highlight of Brown Violet and US Army Tankcrew. I stole the recipe from Chevalier.