Sunday, May 16, 2010

Ahh what to do, what to do...

So I am very nearly finished with the Warmachine Project. 2/3 Models have been delivered and the individual is very happy. Which makes me happy. HistoriCON is in July and the Flames of War Nationals as well. Well this seasons tournament circuit has been meh for me. But I have only competed 2 times and both times I finished about mid way. But Nationals would be interesting. I would probably be better off just trying to compete in the painting there. But there are chances I could play in the tournament. With that said... what should I focus on? The new army lists from Dog's and Devil's which many people haven't seen let alone been able to face? Or should I work on the Fallschirmjager for the tournament. And if I chose the DnD lists... should I roll German or Allied? Any input would be great from the 2 people that occasional read this lol.


  1. Do something Italy based. I am going to be running an Italy-style simple map campaign here around July at G&S and am looking to tie it into a tournament as well.

    I actually think a HG Panzerko would be something that no one has yet, either.

  2. I actually made a list for a HG Panzerkompanie today that I quite liked and it would paint up fast...

  3. I got my vector map of Italy done today, expect something up shortly after I move in. The wife has access to large printers, so Im going to make a simple firestorm-type thing and leave it at G&S for folks.

    HG has alot of character as well, which is why I like them. If I ever got the urge to play MW Germans I would play HG. Just very unique, and they tie in with your falls already.