Sunday, January 3, 2010

I almost forgot...

I did finish up the 95th to their minimum. I have yet to get any Silfor grass yet so the bases look a little bare. Their pants are a little dirty. Still no patches but meh. I can add those after I finish everyone else. Here is a bunch of close ups. They look better in person. My digital camera isn't as good as my previous Sony I had so I am still having issues getting everything in focus and lighting as well.

Currently I am working on my 2 units of Cazadors. Doing a lot of research on these guys has lead to some serious frustration with the models. And the lack of info you can find on them on the web. So when I start to post their pics, I will also post some of my research. Hopefully it will help other gamers out there looking to get spot on with the accuracy.

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