Monday, April 2, 2012

A little love for my subscribers...

13th Chasseurs
 I have been focusing the majority of my posts over at The Guns of April blog lately.  And feel I have been skimping a bit on my own blog.  Sadly I am down to zero hour, and have been getting a good amount of help from a few fellow hobbyists.  Normally, I cringe at the thought of someone else painting my Toy Soldiers, but at the same time, feel honored when people help.  Like the above unit.  All but the Commander are painted by the talented Dave Taylor.  I could provide a mile long list of excuses as to why I am so far behind on the project. But Dave stepped in and just asked for models to paint to lend a hand.  A great guy and a great friend!  I have a little work left to do on the unit, like touch ups on the Commander's horse, and getting the standard done.  Sadly I can not find my GMB Flags and need to order some Chasseur flags ASAP now.
1st Battalion of the 6th Legere
 Here is another previously unseen unit of mine.  This time I can't say someone painted the unit for me.  But my good friend Rob Villnave came down to my place (an hour plus drive each way) to lend a hand for a few hours here and there.  Rob was a huge help with basecoating models.  The ability to actually get paint where it needs to go, without it going everywhere else is a huge help.  Rob is a talented painter in his own right.  His Flames of War armies are beautifully done!  And he has some French Napoleonics of his own that should be shown off as well.  I did all of the detail work on these guys over 2 weeks.  These have been dipped using Army Painter's Strong Tone (Medium). However I always go back with the base color to use as highlights.  I still need to finish the Halberds for the 2 men guarding the Eagle.  And touch up the command base and pom poms on the rest.
2nd Battalion of the 6th Legere
And finally the unit you have seen me working on for so long.  This is my first complete unit for the Army.  Not much to say here as you have seen this one often through its many stages.  No dipping on these guys.
Horse Artillery
And lastly my Horse Artillery.

Anyhow.  I have a little over 2 weeks.  And roughly 35 models to go...  So why am I blogging to you guys again? ;)

At least I have a 4 day weekend.  Perhaps I will do a series of live updates from the workbench.  That seemed to help me get my Fallschirmjager Army done for AdeptiCon last time I went.  And that was over a weekend.  Oh damn... I actually have a few tanks to paint to!


  1. All these units look wonderful to me. Very very well done!

  2. Fantastic work, the Chasseurs and the 1st Batt look great!

  3. good job, but where is the voltiguer companyes? this regiment dont have it??

  4. Sadly I have yet to add them to the regiments yet. But I have the models and they are somewhat basecoated.