Monday, February 20, 2012

An update! Finally!

My Light Infantry are coming along nicely...
I'm not dead! I promise!  The wife and I bought a home back in December and everything happened so fast. 3 days after signing we had to be out of our apartment so it was all chaotic.

This is how I spent most of January...

Throw in all the renovations I've been doing and sadly my painting has suffered :(

My new painting work area before I filled the desk with clutter :)

But I am back.  Fortified in my very own man cave!  Complete with a new painting table!

Dave Taylor praying to the dice gods while my French surround him...

And thankfully I did finally get a game of Black Powder in!  But I failed my French and lost one of my Brigades :(

Anyhow, I will get more updates for you guys as I can.  But it's back to work for this guy! 58 days and 116 models to finish... this is going to be rough!



  1. Good to see you got the man cave straight, now paint more stuff! You can do it!!!!