Wednesday, July 21, 2010

And so the Storm Warden's project has ended for us...

Well for most of us anyhow. There is still the final drawings to be had and the final prizes to give away, including the grand prize! In my rush to finish the two models on time, I failed to take any decent shots of them. So I have left it in Dave Taylor's hands. So hopefully soon I will have some shots of the two guys. But I have to warn you all. I wasn't able to do anything special about the librarian's force sword. I just couldnt make the magic happen on it so I had to do a very generic one.

I am working on a few articles for the blog. How to make a Psychic Hood for a librarian, since many seemed interested in how I made mine. How to make camo netting for vehicles. This one works for both Flames of War and 40k. A Silver Skull Space Marine. And then a few others as well.

But I need to decided which personal project to work on next. Either my 28mm British Napoleonics, 18mm French Napoleonics, Flames of War Fallschirmjager or US Devil's Brigade, or entries for the Cold Wars Painting Contests... I haven't really competed in anything since 2005.

I have a new airbrush on the way that I plan on doing a few cool things with which I will keep you all posted on as well. Stay tuned...


  1. Hey dude it's Jeff B- how you doing? Nice work on the Storm Wardens project. Your skills are as good as ever. I'll keep a watch on your blog- looking forward to seeing more good stuff.


  2. Thanks bro! Good to hear from you! I know they are keeping you busy over there. Has anyone shipped you some Big Red? lol