Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A small tiny update from the workbench...

So I am trying to crank out 2 separate 900 point armies for Flames of War in the next 16 days for Adepticon. I signed up for both beginner tournaments. My mid-war army is the 3rd Fallschirmjager from Tunisia/North Africa/Italy. They are turning out to be my favorite so far as the Fallschirmjager always peaked my interest. My late-war army are Gerpanzerte Panzergrenadiers which I may field as the 2nd SS Panzerdivison. I am still undecided on these. Anyhow here is a quick WIP on the Fallschirmjager on my desk. The plane isn't an actual Battlefront Miniature but a resin FW 190F cast I did myself in the same 1:144 scale that their other planes are in. I will have a flight of 3 of course to support the boys on the ground! But that is much later.

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