Sunday, February 7, 2010

This is where I work...

So one thing I usually see most painters do is post a pic of their workspace. I am always curious myself to see where others work their magic. So here is my little slice of... Well this is where I do my painting. It's my computer desk. You can see British Napoleonic's in 28mm and my 15mm Germans from Flames of War. And a bunch of paints. A bunch of beat up brushes in the center ( I have some new Winsor Newtons on the way) and a ceramic tile and plastic paint tray for my pallet's. And the most important piece of equipment at any paint station... Booze! And extra dirty martini in this case. Normally a beer of some sort or red wine. I have been a slacker on pictures but I have not been too slack on painting. I will post some WIP of my Gerpanzerte Panzergrenadiers that I am working on. I just started painting them for a tournament in Chicago in March, I still have to purchase another army to paint as well for the same event.

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